Teacher Resources


This area is being developed for Saskatchewan teachers, and in particular math and science teachers. Its purpose is to provide resources that help convey math and science concepts using real world examples. Most of those examples relate, in some way, to activities that might be carried on within the profession of surveying. Our primary objective is to provide resources to teachers. Our secondary objective is to create an awareness of surveying and the field of Geomatics as a career option for students.

The first resource we have developed is a package called "Surveyor in A Crate." The links below are to sections in the teacher's guide which we have called "Location-Location-Location."

Start with the Introduction for a brief explanation of how the guide has been organized. Then review the individual activities to see if and how they might fit into your lesson planning.

Most of the activities can be undertaken using resources already available to you. Others require props (highlighted in green in the activity guides) that we will be happy to send you on loan at no cost to you. Alternatively, specifications for some of the props have been provided in case you would like to create them yourself.

What we hope to get from you is feedback on what works, what doesn't and what we might do to make the crate better and your job easier. We are also open to suggestions for activities that might be added to the crate. There are probably hundreds of ideas out there. If there are activites that have already been tried and tested in the classroom, we would like to hear about them.

Although there are no secrets contained in the Location-Location-Location guide, we have elected to place them in an area that is password protected, primarily so students won't be tempted to check out the answers and bypass the joy of figuring them out for themselves. To obtain the user name and password required to access the guide, simply contact us by e-mail and we will be happy to pass them along.