Member Biography

Stuart Ian Hayward

SLS, P. Surv.
Commission #233
Articled to W.L. Jamieson

Stuart (Stu) Ian Hayward was born in Unity, Saskatchewan in 1956, the oldest of three children. The Haywards had long been established in the area, but when Stu was three years old, circumstances changed and the family moved to Turtleford. It was there that Stu and his sisters spent most of their schooling years while their father ran the local meat cutting shop, until in 1970 they were uprooted once again, this time to North Battleford. Here, Stu attended his last three years of high school while working various body shop and service station jobs. A high school councilor pointed him towards surveying as a possible career choice, and, having no better ideas of his own, he decided to pursue it.

In 1974, Stu enrolled in the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton to pursue an education in Surveying Technology. Immediately after graduating from NAIT in 1976, Stu accepted the job with Tri-City Surveys. Now immersed in the field, his hands-on education-both in the workings of the industry and in general business know-how-got underway immediately under the guidance of office manager Merv Zulynik. Stu's first major project came along that fall when Wes Jamieson, one of the company's surveyors, was short a crew and called on Stu to assist him on a "short" tour in the North. After spending several months working under him, Stu signed articles with Jamieson in 1977. This period would offer some of the largest and most memorable jobs of his career, including surveying a 750 square-mile octagon for the uranium industry at Cluff Lake, Saskatchewan. Stu received his Saskatchewan Land Surveyors' commission in 1980, and that same year took over his mentor's position at the office when Wes left North Battleford to work at the company's Saskatoon branch.

By the early 1980s, Tri-City was eying Kindersley, Saskatchewan as a new office location. Someone was needed to establish and manage the new branch, and the offer fell to Stu, who-somewhat reluctantly, as he had spent little time outside of the city in "God's country"-accepted. In 1983, he became manager of the Tri-City Surveys Kindersley Branch Office, and his initial hesitancy quickly fell away as he came to appreciate the beauty of the community and the positive attitude of its citizens. By 1986, he was officially a partner in the company.

It was in Kindersley in 1988 that Stu met Beverley Marchewka, whom he married the following year. Since then, Stu and Beverley have had two children, Lacey and Blake. The family enjoys annual vacations, typically to warmer locales such as Florida, Hawaii, and the Caribbean-but the rest of the time, Stu takes advantage of the cold climate with snowmobiling and other winter sports. He has also had a long interest in classic cars, of which he has owned several over the years. Since 1996, the Haywards have held a cottage at Murray Lake, where they take frequent trips.