Member Biography

George Peter Zarski

(1913.06.29 - 1982.08.?)
Commission #167
Articled to A. I. Bereskin

In August of 1982, George Peter Zarski died in Ottawa at the age of 69 years.

George was born at Pomorzany, Poland on the 29th of June, 1913. After completing his elementary schooling, George attended cadet school from which he matriculated in 1933. He then took three years of military training and was commissioned as an artillery officer in the Polish army as a second lieutenant in 1936. From 1936 to 1939 he carried out various duties in the army, most of which involved topographic surveys.

George came to Canada after the war with the intention of taking up farming, but because of British Exchange regulations, was unable to take his money out of Great Britain. He joined the Department of Social Welfare in Regina as an accounting clerk in March of 1950, and served there for three years.

In April of 1953, George transferred to the Department of Natural Resources and was articled to A. L. Bereskin in June of that year. George was commissioned in June of 1961 and continued with the Department of Natural Resources until 1964 when he was transferred to the Department of Highways. He remained with the Department of Highways until May of 1969, at which time he resigned because of poor health.

George and his wife, the former Dorothy Duitman, moved to Ottawa in 1970 where he resided until his death.

M. VIMINITZ, Chairman, Biography Committee (1983)