Member Biography

Murray Reginald Skelton

(1931.08.10 – 2003.01.18)
SLS (Life Member)
Commission #122
Articled to: J.R. Nesbitt | C.H. Biddell

Murray Reginald Skelton was born in Radville Saskatchewan on August 10th, 1931. He obtained his Grade XII in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

In 1948 Murray attended the University of Toronto in 1949 and completed his first year engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in 1950. After articling to John Nesbitt and Cecil Biddell, Mr. Skelton was granted his Saskatchewan Land Surveyor’s Commission No. 122 on June 20th, 1953. He obtained his pilot’s license in 1954 and his Appraisal I and II designations from the Appraisal Institute or Canada in 1969 and 1970 respectively.

From 1953-1957, Mr. Skelton was employed as a land surveyor with PFRA and in 1957 was promoted to senior land surveyor at PFRA. In 1961 he became the Chief of the Legal Surveys Division, Engineering Branch PFRA and from 1980 to August 1986 was Land Manager, PFRA responsible for administration of PFRA land and improvements located throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. In August 1986 Mr. Skelton retired after 35 years of service with PFRA.

After his retirement from PFRA, Murray became the President and Manager of M. R. Skelton & Associates Ltd., a land surveying and consulting firm with headquarters in Regina. On September 1st, 1987, Murray was employed as the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association.

Murray lived in Regina with his lovely wife Roxanne. The Skeltons had four children - Murray D., Curtis, Jeffrey and Renee - all pursuing careers of their own.

Since receiving his commission in 1953 Murray Skelton served on the majority of the committees of the Association. He served as Vice-President in 1962 and again in 1986. Murray was President of the Association in 1963. In addition to these contributions Murray served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Association for several terms.

As well as serving his Association, Mr. Skelton has been active in various community volunteer organizations some of which include the Cubs and Scouts, Christ the King Men’s Club, Knights of Columbus, The United Way and the YMCA. Murray served on the Board of Directors for the Catholic Family Service Society, Group Medical Services and the Wascana Golf Club.

Mr. Skelton retired from the position of Executive Director on August 31st, 1995. We can think of no better honour to bestow upon him for his tireless efforts on behalf of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association, than a life membership in the Association. There are few other members of this Association more deserving of life membership in the Association than Murray Reginald Skelton. There are few members who in the past, or in the future will surpass the time and energy, which Murray has devoted to the betterment of his professional Association.

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