Member Biography

Max Viminitz

(1916.04.23 – 1994.07.05)
Commission #101
Articled to A.I. Bereskin

Max Viminitz, SLS, Life Member, passed away on July 5. 1994 in Naniamo, B.C. He was born in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan on April 23, 1916 and graduated from Central Collegiate Institute in Regina in 1933.

Max began his survey career in the Army after completing a survey course with the 1st Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers in England in 1942. In 1944. Max was commissioned in the Canadian Artillery and soon after attended tilt British Army School of Artillery Survey at Lark Hill. Salisbury.

After returning to Canada. Max articled to Bereskin. Controller of Surveys, Department of Natural Resources in 1947. Max became a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor in April 1950 and received Commission #101.

Max was Deputy Chief Surveyor to Land Titles Offices from 1950 - 1956 During this same Lime he served as Secretary Treasurer of the S.L.S. Association. In 1956 Max was promoted to Chief Surveyor at Land Titles and a year later began his climb to the Presidency of the-Association. He was Councillor in 1957 and 1958. Vice President in 1959 and was President in 1960. In ten short years he accomplished more in support of this Association than some members do in a life time. Max's commitment, however, was not a flash In the pan. Over the next fifteen years he maintained his involvement by acting as an Officer or Committee Member in various capacities for the S.L.S. organization, He was a key factor in the operations of the Association for over twenty five years.

Max had other interests as well, Not only was he a member of the Canadian Institute of Surveying (now CIG) but he was Provincial Councillor from 1963 to 1971. That Association honoured Max in May of 1976 by electing him as an Honouraly Life Member, For eleven years, .Max sewed on the Board of Examiners of the University of Saskatchewan. As well, he served as a member of the Advisory Council for SIAST in Moose Jaw. His commitment to surveying and related fields was exemplary. Max was also honoured by being elected as a Life Member of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors' Association in April 1980.

Max is survived by his wife. Sally. their daughter Vera and two sons David arid Paul.