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Ralph William Clark

Commission #086 (1936.03.16)


The S & M News is deeply sorry to have to report the passing of Ralph William Clark, DLS, SLS, NBLS, NSLS, on June 8, 1970. Ralph, a well known and highly respected member of the Legal Surveys Division of our Branch, had spent a career spanning 35 years in the service of the federal government.

Born in Andover, New Brunswick, in 1907, Ralph moved to the Prairies in 1912 and graduated in civil engineering from the University of Saskatchewan in 1931. He received his DLS commission in 1934, his SLS commission in 1936, and his Nova Scotia and New Brunswick commissions in 1953.

During his long career the methods and practices of surveying were changed greatly. From 1927 onward he worked with such notable surveyors as Wm. Christie, M.P. Bridgland, C.S. MacDonald, M.S. Cameron, John Carroll and Eric Fry. All these prominent surveyors helped to develop Ralph's early career at a time when land survey and mapping techniques were, themselves, undergoing considerable developmental change.

Ralph spent three years on mineral claim surveys in the Yukon Territory and worked in Indian Reserves and National Parks projects in all the provinces except two. During World War II he was engaged in control for air photographic mapping for the Military in Labrador and Baffin Island.

In 1956 he retired from active field duty and in 1960 became Secretary of the Board of Examiners for Dominion Land Surveyors and in 1961, a Notary Public.

In 1967 he received the Centennial Medal in recognition of his services to the country and particularly to surveying.

Ralph had a great respect for history, an affinity which resulted in the Branch's collection of Canadian Landmarks. He also prepared an exhaustive list of past and present DLS and DTS in Canada.

He is remembered by all who knew him for his unfailing interest and empathy with people, evidenced in his cheerful wit and helpfulness.

The S & M News extends to his wife Nettie and sons, Bob and Verne the sincerest sympathy of us all.

From S & M News: Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, June/July 1970; No. 26: pg 11.