Member Biography

Guy Lorne Williams

(1879.03.03 – 1954.11.24)
Commission #080

  • Born and educated in Meaford, Ontario, March 3, 1879.
  • Taught school for a year or two at Rainy River, Ontario.
  • Worked with a logging crew in the Kenora area for a short period.
  • Moved to Vancouver, where he articled with a licensed land surveyor, and obtained his D.L.S. and B.C.L.S. commissions.
  • Started his own survey business at Enderby, B.C. about 1910 and was married there.
  • Moved to Pittsburgh, U.S.A. in 1916, on munitions inspection work.
  • After the war, went farming at Englefeld, east of Humboldt.
  • Gave up farming in 1928, and moved to Saskatoon to work for Underwood & McLellan.
  • Switched to Department of Highways in 1930, worked with them for 2 years.
  • Started working for City of Saskatoon in 1939.
  • With Department of Transport in 1940.
  • Moved back with Underwood & McLellan in 1941.
  • Started surveying on his own in 1949.
  • Died November 24, 1954, at age of 75, after several paralytic strokes suffered in the fall.

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