Member Biography

Keston Nelson Crowther

(1873.04.21 – 1960.?.?)
Commission #065

Mr. Crowther was born on April 21, 1873 in Keston, Kent, England. He received his Fellowship of the Surveyor's Institute, London and then immigrated to Canada in 1905. He went into private practice at Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan after obtaining his Dominion Land Surveyors' commission in 1914 and his Saskatchewan Land Surveyors' commission in 1915, and stayed there until 1920. He then joined the firm of Parsons Construction, Regina and remained there for two years, when he returned to private practice in Regina until his retirement in 1951. He was made a Life Member of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors' Association in 1952

Mr. Crowther surveyed many sodium mineral claims in Southern Saskatchewan between 1921 and 1923, in particular Group 19 in the District of Salt Lake throughout Townships 4 to 8 and Ranges 21 to 24 West 2nd Meridian.

The Saskatchewan Provincial archives have a letter on file dated 1926 to the Saskatchewan Association from Parsons Engineering Co, 1704 Scarth St., Regina. The letter is from the Surveys Branch of Parsons and is signed by W. M. Stewart, S .L. S., and K. N. Crowther, A.M.E.I.C., D.L.S., S.L.S. I can only surmise that both Messrs. Stewart and Crowther were still with Parsons in 1926.

I was privileged to know Mr. Crowther and I remember him as a very courteous and gentle man. I became acquainted with him when I was working in the Chief Surveyor's office between 1947 and 1949.

From “Muskeg, Outcrops and 40 Below” by J.H. Webb

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