Member Biography

William Angus Alexander McMaster

(1885.02.01 – 1957.11.22)
Commission #045

Mr. McMaster surveyed five mineral claims in the Lac La Ronge area Group 469, in 1927. They were named the Britannia, Canadian, War Loan, War Bond and Victory mineral claims. The prospector who staked these claims must have been a war veteran from World War I.

He also surveyed mineral claims in Group 469, in the 1930s. I assume that he traveled from his office in Prince Albert to complete these surveys in the North.

I have not had much luck in locating historical data on the life of Mr. McMaster. He did practice out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in the early days and was in partnership with Mr. William Christie, SLS, DLS

It was noted in a letter from Mr. Jas. McKay MP, dated April 6th, 1914, to the then Minister of the Interior, that Messrs. McMaster & Christie were evidently good conservatives and as such needed a particular job in Prince Albert.

W.A.A. McMaster received his commissions as a Dominion Land Surveyor in 1910, an Alberta Land Surveyor in 1911, and Saskatchewan Land Surveyor in 1912.

He passed away on November 22nd, 1957 in Guelph, Ontario.

Jack Webb In "Muskeg, Outcrops And 40 Below"