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Hume Blake Proudfoot

(1858.06.23 – 1935.11.14)
Commission #027

Born in Hamilton on June 23rd, 1858, died in Toronto on November 14th, 1935, and buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

He was a son of the Hon. William Proudfoot, 1824-1903, and his mother was Ann Homiston Thomson, 1830-1871.

His grandfather was Rev. William Proudfoot, 1788-1851. His grandmother was Isobel Atcheson, 1789-1866. These grandparents, William and Isobel, founded the Canadian branch. They settled in London, Ont.

His brothers and sisters were: Annie Isobel Stevenson, 1855-1922; Augusta Marsh, 1856-1930; Jassie Agnes Proudfoot, 1859; Catharine Emily George, 1857; Isabel Aitcheson Logan, 1850; Hart William OLS., 1876-1906.

He married Elizabeth Jean Ferguson, who was born in Ingersol, July, 1865, and died in Toronto, June, 1933.

His children were; Bessie Proudfoot Douglas, born in Clinton in 1906; William Proudfoot, born in Toronto, 1895, and was killed in action in the great War, in December, 1918. His grandchildren were: Dr. Richard Proudfoot Douglas, born Toronto, 1909; James Douglas, born Toronto, 1913, died 1931; Hume Blake Douglas, born Toronto, 1914.

He was a member of the United Church.

He was educated at the Collegiate Institute of Hamilton and London, and at Upper Canada College, and received the degree of Civil Engineer from the University of Toronto.

He articled himself with the firm of Wadsworth and Unwin and was appointed land surveyor for Ontario on the 6th January, 1882.

He was assistant to Tom Kains on township outline surveys in the Qu'Appelle district, North West Territories, during the summer of 1881. Passed his DLS in April, 1882.

During the summer of 1882 he was surveying township outlines between Qu'Appelle and the Forks of the Red Deer. In winter quarters during the winter 1882-1883, at Carlton.

  • 1883 township outlines between 2nd and 3rd meridians, Battleford District.
  • 1884 in private practice at Clinton, Ont.
  • 1885 surveyed the township of Cartier, Algoma District.
  • 1886 surveyed the township Ermatinger, Algoma District.
  • 1887 surveyed the township Hassis and Casey, Temiscamingue District.
  • 1888 surveyed a base line in Algoma and Nipissing.
  • 1889 surveyed the township Beauchamp, Temiskaming District
  • 1890 surveyed township of Barron, Ottawa District.
  • 1891 surveyed townships Carpenter and Dobie, Rainy River District.
  • 1892 surveyed townships of Sphon and Pratt, Rainy River District.
  • 1894 surveyed townships Watten and Farrington, Rainy River District.
  • 1884-1889 In private practice in Huron Co.
  • 1889-1890 In private practice with Charles, Unwin and Frederick
  • 1895-1899 surveying, mining claims in the Rainy River District for various private parties.
  • 1900 exploration between Lake Nipigon and Lake St. Joseph. One of the eight parties sent out by the Ontario Government.
  • 1901 and 1902 subdividing townships in Manitoba, north of Winnipeg, 1st system of survey.
  • 1903 subdividing 49 townships west of Saskatoon, Sask.
  • 1904 subdividing townships west 3rd Mer. in Foot Hills.
  • 1905-1909, private practise, Saskatoon.
  • 1910 Indian Reserve surveys for Department of Indian Affair in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
  • 1912-13, subdividing six townships, N.W. Prince Albert, Sask.
  • 1914-26, private practise in Ontario and Nova Scotia.
  • 1927 ground control survey. Patricial Portion, Rainy lake.

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