Member Biography

Cyrus Carroll

(1834.12.06 - 1923.12.09)
PLS, SLS, Hon. Member,OLS
Commission #014

Cyrus Carroll was born on December 6th, 1834 and died at Hamilton, Ontario on Decembver 9th, 1923. He qualified as a "Provincial Land Surveyor" in Ontario on January 10th, 1860 and shortly thereafter was employed on the Great Western Railway in Upper Canada.

He lived in Wroxeter in the County of Huron from 1861 to 1871. Here, in addition to practising as a land surveyor, he was postmaster, druggist and conveyancer. He was afterwards appointed engineer for the County of Bruce with headquarters in Kincardine. When Walkerton became a County Town, he moved there in 1871. In 1877 he moved to Port Elgin where he practised as a land surveyor, ran a drug store, was village treasurer and division court clerk.

His health became impaired by the demand made on him attending to these numerous duties and to get away for a rest, he spent two years, 1882 & 1883, on survey work for the Dominion Government in the Duck Lake district near Prince Albert.

He returned to Prince Albert in 1899 where he occupied the position of district engineer and surveyor for the Territorial Government until 1911. At this time, being 77 years old, he felt he could not continue to carry on the field work required of him. He was transferred to the head office of the Department of Public Works in Regina and employed on mapping and other office work until 1915. At this time, being 81 years old, he resigned his position and returned to Hamilton, Ontario where he spent the balance of his long life.

Mr. Carroll was a scholarly man, well versed in the mathematical work of his profession. He contributed two practical papers to the proceedings of the Association. "the Transit and How to Use It" in 1893, "Azimuth and Time by Observation on Polaris" in 1900.

Hi obtained his commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor, No. 14 on the roll, in May, 1910 and was an Honourary Member of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association on March 5th, 1913.

Compiled by H.S. Carpenter, 1949