Member Biography

William Walter Meadows

(1873.05.27 - 1939.11.11)
Commission #006

  • Born in Yarmouth township, Elgin county, Ontario, May 27th 1873. Married Ida B. Lilly of St Thomas, Ontario, in 1901.
  • Died in Vancouver, British Columbia, November 11th 1939. Survived by Mrs Meadows, three daughters and one son, viz: Mrs Cecil Fleming, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Mrs Keith Wheatley and Dorothy Meadows both of Vancouver, B.C. and Ronald Meadows, Mount Royal, Province of Quebec.
    • Graduated in Civil Engineering, School of Practical Science, Toronto 1895
    • Commissioned Ontario Land Surveyor, February 21st 1898

    • Commissioned Dominion Land Surveyor, February 23rd 1905

    • Commissioned Saskatchewan Land Surveyor May 9th 1910

    • Appointed District Surveyor & Engineer, Saskatchewan Government about April 1906 and was retired on May 1st 1936.

    The following is an excerpt from a letter dated January 22nd 1940 addressed to A. C. Garner, Regina:

    Rodman with Michigan Central RR 1895-1896. In 1897 apprenticed to J. R. Deacon at Kenora, Ontario. Became O.L.S. in 1898 and practiced at St Thomas, Ontario. In the following year, 1899, became assistant engineer on the Lake Erie and Detroit River Railway and remained in the employ of this railway until 1905. The L.E.& D.R.R. was absorbed by the Pere Marquette system some time before 1905. Was employed by them chiefly on maintenance. Superintended the construction of portions of the railway between Ridgetown and St Thomas and the construction of deviations of the railway at Wallaceburg, Dresden and Sombra; located a proposed extension of the Pere Marquette from St Thomas to Simcoe; and took charge of the construction of Pere Marquette yards at Niagara Falls, Bridgeburg and Welland.

    In 1905 passed for D.L.S. and left the L.E.& D.R.Rly to become location engineer on the Transcontinental Rly in Quebec. Resigned from the Transcontinental in April 1906 to accept the post of District Surveyor & Engineer, Dept of Public Works, Province of Saskatchewan, continuing in this position until he retired on May 1st 1936 on account of ill health.

    A sterling character and respected by all who knew him.

    A.C. Garner, SLS - 1940