What is a

Professional Survey Project?

The purpose of the professional survey project is to test the ability of candidates to apply the knowledge that they have gained, to practical situations. The project must be completed under the supervision of a licensed Saskatchewan Land Surveyor.

The project may be one large project or two smaller projects designed to cover the areas of testing required.

The project must be selected to cover the following areas:

  • the primary systems of survey in Saskatchewan and the survey evidence common to these systems

  • the sources of information for survey research in Saskatchewan

  • the subdivision process in Saskatchewan

  • the registry system in Saskatchewan.

The project must be designed to require at least 100 hours of work by the candidate.

Candidates must submit their project proposals to the Board of Examiners. The proposal should show how the project will test the candidate in the areas noted above. The proposal should also include an estimate of the personal time required by the candidate for each phase of the project.

The Board of Examiners will reply within thirty days with its decision on the suitability of the proposed project with regard to the areas of testing and the time estimates. The Board shall indicate an approval of the project or areas where the proposed project is found unsatisfactory. No credit will be given for work performed on unapproved projects.

The candidates must submit their final project reports to the Board of Examiners prior to submitting to the oral exam. Their reports must cover all of the details of the project including, but not limited to, research, correspondence, field evidence, field notes, plans, method of survey, rationale for decisions made and final returns of survey.

Candidates are required to give an oral defence of their projects at their oral examinations.

The following books form a list of suggested reading as a basis for the presentation of the Professional Surveying Project Paper. It is not suggested that the list is complete and any interested person will be able to find other equally valuable publications that have not been included.

  • Men and Meridians, Volumes I, II and III, D. W. Thomsom, Queen's Printer, Ottawa.

  • Surveyors of Canada, C. C. J. Bond. Canadian Institute of Surveying, Ottawa.

  • Excerpts from The Canadian Surveyor

The above noted material should be in every surveyor's personal library. The books listed below can be found in the better public libraries.

  • David Thompson’s Narrative 1784 - 1812. The Champlain Society, 1962

  • Peter Fidler, Canada's Forgotten Surveyor, J. B. MacGregor. McLelland and Stewart, Toronto

  • West of 49th Parallel, John E. Parsons, Wm. Morrow and Co., New York

  • Peter Pond, Fur Trader and Adventurer, H. A. Innis, Irwin & Gordon Limited, Toronto

  • Skyview Canada, Don W. Thomson, Queen's Printer, Ottawa

  • Letters and Journals of Simon Fraser, 1806 - 1808, W. K. Lamb. McMillan Company of Canada

  • Sir Alexander MacKenzie, Hume Wrong. McMillan Company of Canada

  • Samuel Hearne and the Northwest Passage, Gordon Speck. Caxton Printers, Coldwell, Idaho

  • The Dominion Telegraph, The Canadian Northwest Historical Society

  • Manual of Instructions - Survey of Dominion Lands, 1st to 10th Editions

  • Various Histories of the Prairie Provinces.