How Can I Become a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor . .

. . as a student or graduate of a
Post-secondary Educational Program in Canada
not accredited by CBEPS ?


An applicant for a commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor must first obtain a Certificate of Completion from the Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS).

Graduates from a degree program not accredited by CBEPS may apply to the CBEPS for certain exemptions based on the courses they have taken. Courses that automatically qualify for exemptions are listed on the CBEPS web site for various universities and technical colleges. The remaining credits must then be obtained either by attending special courses sponsored by some technical colleges - but these are limited - or by a course of home study and challenging the CBEPS exams. Alternatively, university graduates may apply to one of the recognized Geomatics Engineering degree granting universities (currently the U. of C. and U. N. B.) for credits toward a degree in Geomatics Engineering and a Certificate of Completion.

Having obtained a Certificate of Completion, an applicant must enter into an articling agreement with a licensed Saskatchewan Land Surveyor to become a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor in Training (SLSIT).

After completing at least of one year of practical experience, including at least nine months of field experience in Saskatchewan and a Professional Survey Project, the applicant becomes eligible to write his or her Professional Examinations.

Successful completion of the Professional Examinations is the final step to being granted a Commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor.