Classified Ads

Requirements for Submission of Ads:

  • Ad submissions can be in almost any format (e.g. Word, PDF, HTML etc) and can include photos (preferrably JPG or TIFF)
  • If photo files are too large, they will be resized to a few 100k at most
  • Only ads related to surveying or business (e.g. equipment, employment etc.) will be accepted - no personal items
  • Each ad will include the posting date
  • New postings will be advertised by a brief e-mail message to all members
  • Unless otherwise specified, ads will be subject to routine deletion after three months
  • It will be up to the person submitting the ad to advise the Association office if it is to be taken off the list earlier
  • Advertising costs are $100/advertisement (+GST)

Current Ads

Used Survey Equipment for Sale

Mike Waschuk, SLS (Ret)

posted September 29, 2021


Resume of prospective articling student seeking a Principal:

Cassandra Kowalchuk

Geomatics; BTech

Canora, Saskatchewan